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June 29, 2008

SQL Server 2008 RC0 BIDS and SQL Server 2005 BIDS can do the side by side install

This Feb, I wrote an article (Installing SQL Server 2008 BIDS (CTP6)) about SQL Server 2008 BIDS (CTP6) and got the important result as follows:

Either SQL Server 2008 BIDS or SQL server 2005 BIDS is allowed when you do the side by side install of SQL Server 2008 and SQL server 2005.

Some days ago, I installed SQL Server 2008 RC0 on my Windows XP machine with SQL Server 2005 (full install) and VSTS 2008 .

I find SQL Server 2008 RC0 BIDS and SQL Server 2005 BIDS can do the side by side install. The result is very different from the one in SQL Server 2008 CTP6.

Per msdn, SQL Server Management tools include the following components:

SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Server Profiler

SQL Server Database Tuning Advisor

Command prompt tools, such as sqlcmd.exe and osql.exe.

Business Intelligence Development Studio add-ins to Microsoft Visual Studio

Note that Business Intelligence Development Studio is a separate option during SQL Server installation.

Regardless of how many instances of SQL Server, Analysis Services, or Reporting Services are installed on a computer, only one copy of SQL Server 2008 Management Tools will be installed.

SQL Server 2008 Management Tools can run side-by-side on the same computer with earlier versions of SQL Server Management Tools.

SQL Server 2008 BIDS is really an interesting issue and I don’t know if it will be changed in the version of SQL Server 2008 RTM.

VS 2008 Shell, Visual Studio Tools for Applications and SQL Native Client are Redists

I tried the simple scenario on my VM Win2k3 as follows:

1. Install SQL Server 2008 RC0 (full install)

2. Uninstall SQL Server 2008 RC0 (full uninstall)

After the full uninstall of RC0, I can still see VS 2008 Shell, Visual Studio Tools for Applications and SQL Native Client on Add/Remove Programs. Those components are Redists. Therefore, after the uninstall, other software still need them.

It is so interesting to know this scenario.

June 25, 2008

SQL Server 2005 can’t be upgraded to SQL Server 2008 RC0 at this moment

When you have SQL server 2005 Enterprise in your PC, and you want to upgrade to SQL Server 2008 RC0, you will find the upgrade fails. That’s because the current SKU of SQL Server 2008 RC0 is Enterprise Evaluation, not Enterprise.

It is impossible for you to upgrade from SQL server 2005 Enterprise to SQL Server 2008 RC0 Enterprise Evaluation. We need to wait until SQL Server 2008 RTM Enterprise is released.

The only thing you can do is install previous SQL Server 2008 CTP first and then upgrade it to SQL Server 2008 RC0. The upgrade will pass.

June 15, 2008

Need to install VSTS 2008 SP1 if your web test and proxy setting fails in VSTS 2008

I posted the issue in the following forum.

I try to create a web test using proxy, and the following codes are working in VSTS 2005, but it is not working in VSTS 2008. I got the following error:

Request failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it IP Address:80

During 1 day search and I find one clean machine to repro, I find the problem .

VSTS 2008 RTM has the bug related to webtest and proxy. That's why it failed in VSTS 2008 RTM , but passed in VSTS 2005.

Because VSTS 2008 SP1 Beta is still in beta version, usually people don't install it. If they don't install it, it means this web test and proxy will not work forever.

After I installed it and ran the test again, the web test passed.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.Net;
using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.WebTesting;

public class WebTest3Coded : WebTest
public WebTest3Coded()
this.PreAuthenticate = false;
NetworkCredential credential;
credential = (NetworkCredential)CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
WebProxy proxy = new WebProxy("", 80);
proxy.Credentials = credential;
this.WebProxy = proxy;
public override IEnumerator GetRequestEnumerator()
WebTestRequest request1 = new WebTestRequest("");
yield return request1;