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February 20, 2009

Windows Update failed (0x80072733): Got the virus

Today when I did the windows update, it didn’t work. It also showed the following message and the error code -0x80072733

Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page.

When I tried to google some information, the link redirected to At that time I knew I got the virus. Therefore, I downloaded Trojan Remover trial version online to give it a try to see if I could kill the virus.

The tool scanned my laptop immediately and found out the virus. I needed to restart my laptop. During the reboot, the blue screen showed up and it checked the file consistency. After 2 minutes, I could login to my laptop.

When I viewed my log file, I found 6 files were deleted as follows

C:\WINDOWS\system32\UACsehbippe.dll - deleted
C:\WINDOWS\system32\UACntpvauln.dat - deleted
C:\WINDOWS\system32\UACsrsudnth.dll - deleted
C:\WINDOWS\system32\UACklyfvkbm.dll - deleted
C:\WINDOWS\system32\UAClwxvmtal.dll - deleted
C:\WINDOWS\system32\UACnmevpjie.log - deleted

After that, I could do the windows update again and everything seems normal as usual.

Next time if you can’t do the windows update and get the error code, just try this Trojan Remover free software. Hope your issue will be disappeared.

February 15, 2009

To upload the file fails in VSTS 2008 web test ?

If you use VSTS 2008 web test to upload the file, after you record and run the test, your web test fails. That's because when you upload the file , VSTS web test doesn't know where your file is. After you record the test, you need to manually modify your web Request.

If your file path is c:\test.txt, VSTS only knows the file name, test.txt, not the file path: c:\test.txt.

You just change the file path and run the test again. Your test will pass.