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June 23, 2009

To install virtual machine additions on Windows 7 VPC gets the blue screen

I downloaded Windows XP VPC with IE6 from last year. Today I download Windows 7 RC (iso) and wanted to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. I found it was not allowed to upgrade directly due to Microsoft policy.

During the install, I got 2 points:

1. Windows XP was installed in C drive. The folder’s name is Windows. When I installed Windows 7 directly, it also installed in C drive. It changed Windows to Windows. old and got a new Windows folder.

2. After the install of Windows 7, it reset my virtual machine additions. Therefore, I needed to install virtual machine additions again. After I installed it, I needed to restart Windows 7. During the reboot, I saw the blue screen.

After long investigation, I found I didn’t install Virtual PC 2007 SP1. After Installing SP1 , the blue screen was gone.

If you see the blue screen next time, install Virtual PC 2007 SP1 first. Your issue will be fixed.

June 18, 2009

"Document cannot be printed" is fixed by installing Adobe Reader 9

Today I tried to print my PDF document in the office, it didn’t work and it showed “Document cannot be printed”. I even tried print as images and it still didn’t work.

I found it should be an issue of Adobe Reader 8. Therefore, I installed Adobe Reader 9 directly. After installing Adobe Reader 9 and restarting my laptop, I printed my PDF document successfully.

Next time if you see the error message -Document cannot be printed, just install Adobe Reader 9. It should work.