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May 24, 2013

Fixed the issue: Background Color in Different Browsers

My wife is the graphic designer. 2 days ago, she told me to take a look at her company website after she updated it.

The interesting part was that when I used chrome to view it, the color was fluorescent green as follows: 

When she used iPhone 5 to view it, it was the same as above.

When she used IE9 and Safari, the color is lime green and it is the expected result.  

I talked to her: is this image a JPG file when you design it in Adobe Photoshop? She said: Yes.

After looking into this issue, she changed JPG to PNG and updated the site.  It works the same in different browsers. 

May 13, 2013

Fixed the issue- Burn Down Chart shows reporting service error.

Today when I came to the office and looked at our project dashboard, the burn down chart showed the reporting service error. Besides, the burn down chart was not sent to the people who subscribe on the daily basis. I don’t have permission to login to  TFS server and I talked to my manager about this issue.

After looking into the issue, we found out SSAS service stopped for some reason. After restarting SSAS, everything is back to normal.