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February 15, 2016

How to verify the data accuracy of the EDI 834 file in Parasoft SOAtest?

 In this sprint, we have the new feature where we need to send outbound EDI 834 files to Washington Health Benefit Exchange (WAHBE).

The process is that BizTalk will create the canonical XML files that pass the validation error and then EDI 834 files will be generated automatically.

How to verify the data accuracy in EDI 834 line by line? It is really the challenge in SOAtest. Here is the way.

  • We look for the canonical XML file name in the archive folder.
  • From the Canonical XML file, we can get the EDI file name (Partial)
  • Convert EDI file to XML format

  • In XML Edit, this is the EDI 834 file BizTalk creates and SOAtest converts it to XML format .

  • In XML diff, we parameterize the variables in the elements and then use it to do the data validation with step 4.

  • We don’t need to validate every element in XML tag. We can put XPath in the Ingored Differences. 

From those steps above, it is really easy to validate the data accuracy of EDI 834  in SOAtest.