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July 31, 2019

Microsoft Azure Portal uses wrong user agent for New Edge 77. It uses Chrome 77.0

Our team at Microsoft tried to get the latest data of the browser percentage from our customers in  Azure Portal. However, I don’t see the ‘New Edge” in client_Browser column.

Does Azure capture browser usage for the new Edge?  The answer is no at this moment.

It is easy to repro:

1. Use the new Edge (Edge Dev: Version to browse the Prod/PPE/DEV portal  many times.

2. Go to Azure portal-> Application insights- Logs (Analytics).

3. Query the client browser.

4. Chrome 77.0 is showing up , but it is not correct.  It should be Edge 77.0

We know that the new Edge is based on Chromium. It is not Chrome 77.0. It is supposed to be Edge 77.0.

Here is the query. 


 | where client_Browser =='Chrome 77.0'
 | project client_Type, client_Browser, client_OS , timestamp , client_City   
 | limit 10

 | project client_Type, client_Browser, client_Model, client_OS ,client_City
 | summarize count() by client_Browser

I don't see "New Edge" appear.  I sent the email to Azure Monitor DL and one guy opened the bug for me. Hopefully this issue can be fixed soon.

July 24, 2019

How to fix the error of VsTest Test Platform folder was not found in cache in Azure Pipelines?

Today I noticed that the log in UI Automation Tests had the error in the pipeline: VsTest Test Platform folder was not found in cache.

After looking into this interesting issue, we were not sure why Visual Studio test platform installer was disabled for this release. 

After we enabled it and re-ran the tests, all tests passed.

July 20, 2019

How to run all tests except one test in Azure Pipelines?

Last Thursday, I noticed that one UI automated test failed in Canary in Azure Pipelines. After looking into this issue, it happened in all environments.  

Previous situation: When we hit the portal, marketing landing page appears. Clicked Sign In button. The login page was open in another tab.

Current situation: When we hit the portal, marketing landing page appears. Click Sign In button. It is remaining in the same tab and is redirected to the login page.

This change was made by our marketing team and it looks more user-friendly. But it made one UI automated test failed and it was not the shipping blocker.

I fixed it in Dev. In this case, we do not want to re-deploy test code to PPE-Canary again because it is really time consuming.

I talked to my release engineer that we should exclude this test in the specific release pipeline for reporting purpose since everyone knew it. He totally agreed to what I was saying.  

In test filter criteria, we added the following one and re-ran the tests. All tests passed.

July 16, 2019

How to let hundreds of E0434352.CLR errors disappear in Azure Pipelines?

We have noticed that when running UI automation tests in the Azure Pipelines, hundreds of E0434352.CLR errors appeared in the log. They looked so ugly. Finally we found it is still a bug in Azure Devops.

After doing some research, our release engineer unchecked “Collect advanced diagnostics in case of catastrophic failures” and triggered the tests again. All E0434352.CLR errors in the log were disappeared.