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March 26, 2008

Successful upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP

I bought a new Gateway PC with Windows Vista Home Premium Version last September. During this period, I have installed lots of software such as Adobe products, Visual Studio .NET 2005, SQL Server 2005, Office 2007, Google and yahoo products. When I ran the program on Windows Vista, the response time was so slow and made my PC down. I needed to use task manager to end the program. If it didn’t work, I needed to reboot my PC. Finally, I made a decision to downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP.

Before I did the downgrade, I found that Gateway didn’t give me all drivers inside the CD. I went to and found it was not helpful. I called their technical support and that woman said,” If you want to do the downgrade, you will break your warranty. We don’t do it over the phone. ” I was not satisfied with her answer.

Heaven helps those who help themselves. I wanted to give it a try. After I installed Windows XP with SP2, Office 2007 and lots of software, I found that some drivers were missing. Finally I found has the small program that can check my PC. It was really helpful because it checked how many drivers I needed in my PC and made me download.

After I downloaded them and installed them, I still found l needed one more audio driver. Without it, I couldn’t play MP3. Finally I found the driver, High Definition Audio, in After I installed it, I could play MP3.

Now when I launch so many programs on Windows XP machine ,the speed is really faster than Vista’s. I want to say: I successfully “upgrade” from Windows Vista to Windows XP.


Anonymous said...

I heard a lots about vista and they are alwasy bad. Vickie

Ray said...

Yes. Vista is not good for me. So I upgraded from Vista to XP long time ago. :)