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June 21, 2012

Coded UI tests don’t support Silverlight 5 at this moment

I have used Telerik Test Studio to do Silverlight UI Automation more than 2 years. It is a very powerful tool. In my last Microsoft Project, I tried to use Coded UI tests for Silverlight 4 applications, and I couldn’t record and run tests very well. However, Telerik Test Studio worked very well. My current project is related to Silverlight 5, and Telerik Test Studio is still a powerful tool.

Today I would like to try Coded UI tests to test Silverlight 5, but the non-supported dialog box appears as follows:

After doing some research, Coded UI tests in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual 11 don’t support Silverlight 5. I give up Coded UI tests and still use my favorite testing tool -Telerik Test Studio.

Just one thought: If I can’t use Coded UI Tests for Silverlight 5, I don’t think Microsoft Test Manager can play an important role in the testing tool.

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