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August 28, 2012

Microsoft Visual Studio UI Test Plugin for Silverlight 5 is not working.

Microsoft Recently released Microsoft Visual Studio UI Test Plugin for Silverlight to support Silverlight 5. I was very happy to download it to try our current Silverlight 5 Project.

When I used coded UI test to record Silverlight 5 Application, it recorded our login page, but when I clicked some basic features, “the recorded actions have been discarded" appeared all the time.

I would agree with the following saying because it still has a lot of bugs.

It is not an official Microsoft release. We will monitor the Q and A section on this VS Galley site for feedback and queries.

I don’t understand : if this tool is not working well and still has lots of bugs, why release this tool as a joke? I am not going to test this broken tool. 

I gave up this tool and would like to use Telerik Test studio to work on my Silverlight 5 Automation.

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