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June 25, 2014

Fixed the issue: Integration test failed due to curly quotes

Last week, when doing integration test with another team member, he mentioned that one row in the inbound table showed the invalid character. After looking into this interesting issue in our DB, here is the screenshot.

How could this issue happen?

If users are typing apostrophe in MS Word or Outlook, it shows the first one above (Curly quote or Smart quote) by default.

If they copy and paste into the system, after we publish the data, the integration test fails due to invalid characters (the second one above)

How to turn off Smart quote and use Straight quotes in MS word? Here are the steps:

Open MS Word 2010 -> File-Options-Proofing-> AutoCorrect Options->AutoFormat As You Type-> Uncheck Straight quotes with smart quotes.

Usually users won't do it in this way. The best way is that we need to validate the data with Curly quote often in the DB.

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