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October 30, 2015

Fixed the issue of yellow triangle network icon in Windows 7 laptop without local admin right

 I use my windows 7 work laptop to connect to corporate Wi-Fi in the office without any issue. This week I noticed that for some reason, when I connected to Wi-Fi in my home network, it didn’t work. It was connected, but there was no Internet access.  It showed the yellow triangle network icon. However, there is no issue in other devices such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and another windows 7 laptop.

The main issue in my windows 7 work laptop is that I don’t have the local admin right due to the corporate policy. I can’t look into the issues such as View the property in Network Connection and firewall settings.  

I tried to make it work, but I couldn’t.

  • In device manager, all are looking good.
  • In manage wireless network, remove the home network and re-connect to it: it doesn’t work.
  • Restart the router and re-connect to it : it doesn’t work
  • Ipconfig command: it doesn’t work
  • Netstat command : it doesn’t work

Finally, I removed the home network and manually created a network profile. After connecting to Wi-Fi, opening IE to go to is working. 

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