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March 12, 2018

The feature, options.AddArgument("disable-infobars"), has been removed as of Chrome 65.

I upgraded Chrome Driver to 2.36 and currently use Chrome version 65. I notice that when running automation, the info bar "Chrome is being controlled by automated test software" always appears.  

After looking into this issue, it is not related to the Chrome driver. It is related to Chrome version.  

Before Chrome 65, the following syntax in C# was always working and the info bar went away . 


In Chrome 65, the following syntax has been removed. I tried different ways to close it, but it does not work at this moment.  

Fortunately, it does not impact our automation. I do see some people in the forum complaining about the failures due to this major change.  

I do not believe there is the quick workaround to close this info bar at this moment because they add it intentionally. 

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