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September 9, 2007

Google blog search engine is not reliable.

Everyone knows that Google is very famous for its search engine. But I want to mention one fact: Why is the search engine in not so reliable?

Just imagine the situation: After Mary posts a new article in her blog in, she wants to search her article. Therefore, she goes to the Google’s official blog search ( and enters the key word; unfortunately, she can’t find it. After one hour, she still can’t find it. Even after 1 week, she still can’t find it. Is that user –friendly?

You can also add another search function in your own blog. Just go to , copy the codes to your own blog. But in your blog, when you enter the key word to search your articles inside your blog, sometimes it doesn’t work.

What happens to the search engine? Many people will say: you should go to another website to register for your information or you need to wait until people click your articles. That’s the joke!!

User-friendly! User-friendly! User-friendly!

I really hope search engine in will be reliable soon!

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