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March 20, 2013

Burn Down Chart: Let’s Subscribe!

My manager just gave me the permission to update the Project Dashboard where team members can see the Burn Down Chart, Bug Stats, Build Status, recent check-ins and work items in TFS for every Sprint.

In previous Sprints, project managers sent the Project Dashboard link to team members and reminded them of updating the hours in their own tasks every morning.  It was good, but manual.

After I got the permission, I have one thing in my mind: why not subscribe to the Burn down Chart? Team members can open their emails and take a look at it directly every morning after they come to the office.

It is easy to subscribe as follows:

Open Visual Studio IDE and connect to TFS.

In the Reports, right click and “Show Report Site” appears. Click it and it goes to the Report site.

Click Dashboard and you can see many burn down chart reports for different projects.

Choose your report and click “Subscribe

Enter Email Addresses, Subjects and enter 8:00 AM weekday inside Select Schedule button.

Every morning at 8:00 AM, the Burn Down Chart will be sent to all related people.

You can also add a new subscription to remind people of updating their hours in TFS before they leave in the evening. 

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