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July 18, 2013

Bing Map Service is obsolete: My home address can not be found.

My Real Estate broker searched my home address (new address 5 years ago) via NWMLS in Washington State. The interesting part is that he couldn’t find it and he felt so surprised.

I showed him Redfin App in my iPhone 5 and he used NWMLS # to search it. This time my home address in NWMLS appeared. But the address is still old. 5 years ago!

I don’t feel surprised because NWMLS is using Bing Map Service. But Redfin is using Google Map Service.

Many new houses were built in WA in these 5 years and I can’t believe Bing map service has not been updated.  In this case, Bing Map Service is really obsolete.

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