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August 29, 2013

VSTS 2012 IDE update 3 can’t run multiple Coded Wed Performance Tests at a time [only MSTEST Matters]

I don’t understand why VSTS 2012 IDE update 3 doesn’t really support Coded Web Performance Tests. Is it because VSTS team doesn’t like web test team? J

After I upgrade my test projects (unit tests, coded web performance tests) from VSTS 2010 to VSTS 2012, it makes me think of still using VSTS 2010.

Per MSDN forum:

  1. VSTS 2012 Test Explorer doesn’t support coded Web performance tests via Test Category. Therefore, I can’t see coded web performance tests appear in Test Explorer [bad design]

  1. I would like to run 10 tests for every environment (DEV, TEST, and Stage) at a time. If I choose load test->run-> selected test, it will run all (30) web tests at a time.  MSDN forum mentions we need to use MSTEST to run 10 tests instead of using VSTS 2012 IDE. You can only use Run Coded Web Performance test for one test. [bad design].

If you are still using Coded Web Performance tests, VSTS 2010 is still the best choice. You can use VSTS 2010 IDE to run multiple coded web performance tests at a time in VSMDI file instead of using MSTEST. The new Test Explorer is not powerful in VSTS 2012.

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