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August 18, 2014

WCF Test Date Range: Parasoft SOAtest doesn’t return the correct rows in Response Element

Today I found out an interesting issue in Parasoft SOAtest.

Scenario:  Input 2 date fields and one parameter to see if the rows returned from WCF method are correct.

Here is the basic SQL query to get the data where the condition is using 2 different dates. It returns 9 rows and also includes the MinDate.

Field1_name >=’MinDate’ and Field2_name <=’MaxDate’

Open WCF test client, do the same Scenario ,  invoke the WCF method and I get the same result: 9 rows.

What happens to Parasoft SOAtest 9.7?  In SOAtest, double click Traffic View-Traffic Viewer-> Click Request: I see 3 input parameters.

Click Response - >Click Element: I only see 7 rows which do not include the MinDate.

I have the confidence to say my configuration is correct in SOAtest. 

After modifying the following SQL query, all tests in SOAtests pass.

Field1_name >’MinDate’ and Field2_name <=’MaxDate’

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