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September 26, 2014

Need to reconfigure all settings in SOAtest after TFS 2013 upgrade

Our IT department was doing TFS 2013 upgrade last weekend.  After TFS 2013 upgrade, our team saw some issues of SOAtest this week.

When opening SOAtest, I lost the connection to TFS and it showed the error message all the time.

Another team member could connect to TFS in SOAtest , but she could not get the latest version on the project level because “Get Latest version” or “Get Specific Version” was disabled. The interesting part was that she could still get the latest version in the individual tst file. But that was not helpful.

We need to fix this issue as soon as possible. Therefore, the best way to fix this issue is to create a workspace, import all test cases from TFS and reconfigure the settings. Here are the simple steps:

1)    Create a folder in C drive.

2)    Open SOAtest and use that folder as a workspace.

3)    Click file ->import and I can import all test cases from TFS.

4)    Click Parasoft->Preferences and reconfigure all required settings .

5)    Run BVTs and validate if all tests pass.

Another member mentioned that after TFS 2013 upgrade, if we used SOAtest to reconnect to TFS 2013, we should not be able to see the issues above. I totally agreed. 

Why bother testers to reconfigure all settings in SOAtest after TFS 2013 upgrade? 

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