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September 22, 2014

Parasoft SOAtest issue: the characters after & are truncated in Traffic Viewer-Response- Element

This morning I noticed one test failed in SOAtest. After looking into this issue, I have the confidence to say this is the bug on SOAtest side.

We have the SQL query to get the test data and then pass the data in WCF method.

SQL query:

@Name VARCHAR (100)

….Where RTRIM (Name) like '%&%' (Initially we didn’t have this condition .I added it.)

Test Data:

It contains “&” . For example, Name is Ray FURNITURE & EQUIPMENT

SOAtest (DB tool)

Click Traffic Object -> Traffic Viewer-Response-Literal


Click Traffic Object -> Traffic Viewer-Response-Tree

It doesn’t show the tree nodes. It only shows NewElement.

Click Traffic Object -> Traffic Viewer-Response- Element

        Name: Ray FURNITURE

I used different data with & several times and I noticed that the result only showed the characters before &. I believe the characters behind & were truncated in SOAtest.

I used different data without & several times and the complete data appeared.

Next time if you see this & issue, don’t feel surprised in SOAtest.

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