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November 6, 2015

Parasoft SOAtest: Test execution in different environments via Test Configuration

In Parasoft SOAtest, if you have 20 .tst files where your environment reference points to QA environment, after developers push the code to UAT, do you still need to manually change them to UAT 20 times and then do the smoke tests?

Later, if you would like to do regression tests in QA environment again, do you still need to manually change them back 20 times?  

Here is one easy way to handle the scenario above using the Test Configuration in SOAtest.

  • Right click the tst file
  • Click Test Configuration
  • Duplicate the Example Configuration and rename it
  • Click Execution tab
  • Enter the name of environment
  • Close the window

If you want to run the tests in QA environment, just right click the tst files and choose Test Using->User-Defined->QA1. The tests will be run in QA1 perfectly.

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