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August 11, 2007

Comments on uploading multiple photos to

Today I wanted to upload photos to my tour blog in, and I found I couldn’t find a way to upload multiple photos to my blog. I felt very disappointed. doesn’t provide a good way for users to get the job done as soon as possible. Therefore, I used my ways and searched many ways online as follows. I also want to make some comments here.

Solution 1: Login to and use dashboard to upload one photo one time.

Comment: A very stupid way. If you have 100 photos, do you think users will upload 100 times? Who will do it like this?

Solution 2: Download Picasa and click BlogThis!

Comment: I tried it and found it didn’t work. Finally I know BlogThis! doesn’t support the new blog in A very bad function now.

Solution 3: Copy photos and paste them to

Comment: It doesn’t work. doesn’t support copy and paste functions for photos.

I feel so disappointed about the function of uploading multiple photos. Finally I find a new way by myself. I would like to share it with you.

1. Login to your

2. Click settings --> email --> add the email address you want in Mail-to-Blogger Address

3. Open your Picasa, sort by file name, select many photos, and click “Email”. It will pop up the small window. Please add the email address you mention above.

4. Click send. It will send all photos to your blog quickly.

5. You can edit this post and add some text you want.

Do you think provide a good way for users to upload multiple photos? can ask me to test the functions for them.


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