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August 23, 2007

Comments on Using Picasa- One interesting issue!

2 months ago, I read one of the articles in PC Magazine that introduced one of Google’s free software, Picasa. I found it was so interesting and useful that I told Christine to download and gave it a try because she likes to try some useful software such as Photoshop, InDesgin , Photo Impact, etc.

After she downloaded and launched Picasa, she followed its instruction. Finally she regretted. Picasa made her PC down. She swore that she will never use it in the future. What happened to her PC?

This is a good interesting issue I like to mention here.

When you use Picasa for the first time, it has the small dialog box which lets you scan your photos. You cannot say no. But when you click “yes”, it will automatically scan all of your pictures in your hard drive. If you have many pictures in different folders, but the total storage is more than 40 GB, do you think it will finish scanning as soon as possible?

If you have many digital photos in your hard drive like Christine, will you use Picasa as your tool in your PC? I don’t believe so.

I don’t know why Picasa wants to scan all of the pictures in the beginning. Why not add another function to let users add directories later?

I hope they can improve this function in the future!

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