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August 14, 2007

My ideal —user friendly functions are the best. seems very popular now. Many people want to give it a try.

When I use it, I should say: doesn’t provide user-friendly functions for users. Some special functions need time to search; some are in other domain websites. They assume that users are professional and will find the functional answers by themselves. Do they really spend a lot of time searching the information and just add those functions to their blogs? Probably not.

My ideal is just simple. Blogger .com should collect useful user-friendly functions and users can add them directly. They don’t need to know HTML/JavaScript. They don’t have to worry about those functions so much.

What are people’s useful functions now in their blog?

1. Provide many useful templates of 2 columns or multiple columns directly.

2. Provide functions of showing visitor counts, recent posts, recent comments, and recent articles.

3. Provide functions of showing article categories, article search, my subscriptions and horoscope directly.

4. Provide functions of calendar, weather, google map, oil price..etc.

5. Provide the function of uploading multiple photos to the blog one time. Copying texts and photos from Microsoft Word or Google documents to the blog is also the best way.

Are these functions basic?

I want to mention: User friendly! User friendly! User friendly!

No HTML/JavaScript.Users have no time to search.

I really hope that can know what users need and what they want.

I really hope those basic functions should be realized in the upcoming days.


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