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July 31, 2012

First Try- TeamCompanion in MS Outlook

I have used Team Foundation Server since 2007. Yesterday I saw a tool called TeamCompanion ( 90 day trial) online. After I installed this software in my local machine, it appeared in my MS outlook. Now I can use it to connect to our team project and create work items easily.

When opening my outlook, I can go to our Project Portal to see the work status. For our business members who don’t have Visual Studio IDE installed and always use MS outlook all the time, this is a great tool for them to create work items (bugs, tasks, user story) easily in their MS outlooks directly.

Every time when I search the work item in my outlook, I need to enter the parameter and run the query again. There is no way for me to create a query and save it in the outlook. It is only saved in team project. This is not good for business members.

If they can support this feature, that would be great.

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