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July 3, 2012

System Restore fixes Internet Explorer has stopped responding

Internet Explorer 8 on my work laptop (Windows 7 x64) crashed all the time yesterday when I browsed my Gmail and some sites I visited often. “Internet Explorer has stopped responding” dialog box appeared all the time. I tried the following ways and could not make Internet Explorer 8 work.

Disabling Add-Ons in Internet Explorer 8 didn’t work.

Resetting Internet Explorer 8 didn’t work.

Using sfc /scannow didn’t work.

When looking at the event logs, I saw 2 dlls (mshtml.dll and urlmon.dll) might crash.

Using regsvr32 urlmon.dll didn’t work.

Using regsvr32 mshtml.dll didn’t work.

After long investigation, I find our company pushed windows update yesterday and many machines had the issue. After doing system restore, Internet Explorer 8 works perfectly.

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