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September 13, 2013

SQL Query: Transpose Columns to Rows via UNPIVOT

In this sprint, we have new features and I need to validate the data accuracy in our Silverlight Application and some related tables in SQL Server 2008 R2.

A table has 300+ columns

B table has 200+ columns.

The new features of Silverlight application are still in Development and automation is not possible at this moment.

If I would like to validate data accuracy in many columns in the tables, after running SQL query via SSMS, I need to use the scrollbar at the bottom to switch to the right to take a look at the values gradually. That’s not efficient.

One efficient way is to use “copy with headers” to copy the headers & values and past the data into the Excel Spreadsheet. After that, I can compare the values between Silverlight UI and the spreadsheet quickly after using transpose function in Excel. If I can transpose columns to rows in SQL query directly, that’s great too.

The following one is the simple SQL query for me to transpose columns to rows easily via UNPIVOT.

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Sunil Bailwal said...

Thanks, very helpful to me.