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September 13, 2013

Windows Update Bug about DPI Setting

We have a 55 inch TV that connects to HDMI desktop computer at home. My wife likes to install some TV software to watch TV programs. In order to make the text size larger in those software, she sets DPI = 200%.

However, every time after doing Windows Update and making the computer reboot, the text size becomes so small, but DPI is still 200 %. In the beginning, we thought it was the issue on TV software. After spending some time looking into this issue, she is so smart that she can fix the issue by herself.

Set DPI =100%, click OK and then set DPI=200% again. The text size becomes larger and everything is back to normal.

She talks to me often that she doesn't like Windows Update on this HDMI desktop computer because she needs to reset DPI setting every time. That’s not user-friendly. Who will know it is the issue in DPI setting? I totally agree.

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