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October 16, 2014

SOAtest: Environments setting is below Test (.tst) [bad design]

In Parasoft SOAtest , if I create 1 Test (.tst) file , Environment is added below the .tst file automatically. I can switch to another environment (DEV, TEST, UAT..)  manually. What if I have 10 .tst files? It means that I have 10 environments.

If our developers change the data contracts in some WCF methods and I need to do regression tests in DEV environment first. In this situation, I need to manually change 10 times to point to DEV from TEST. After testing in DEV and we push a new build to TEST, I need to change 10 times back to TEST again.

Why not have a global environment where we can change it one time only?  I would say Environments setting below Test (.tst) is the bad design.

SOAtest, you should make your own product more user-friendly. 

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