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October 1, 2007

A BVT is an important concept in modern QA field

A build verification test (BVT) is a very popular and an important concept in modern QA field. Many test cases are based on BVTs. Therefore, they can let you verify if all of the unit test cases can be run in your latest build. If your BVTs fail, it means your build is not reliable. You need to create another build as soon as possible.

For example, if you have Adobe Indesign CS3 now and you want to test the install and uninstall, what are your BVTs? “Installing all components, verifying all components, uninstalling all components, and verifying all uninstalled components,” are the basic BVTs. If it fails, it means your latest build has some problems.

Recently when I installed and uninstalled Adobe InDesign CS3, I had one thing on my mind: Does their test team have BVTs and UI tests? If yes, how come the UI is not so user-friendly for me? I should say their UI team didn't do it well . When I clicked Add or Remove Programs and wanted to uninstall Adobe Indesign, it showed me that I needed to insert a CD again. Is it by design? If it is by design, I want to ask: why do they want to design like this?

In the future when you get a chance, you can ask your test team to see if they know BVTs or not. If not, tell them to use it.

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