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July 12, 2007

Comments on installation of Adobe Indesign and Illustrator

When I installed Adobe Indesign CS3 and Illustrator CS3 in my Notebook some days ago, I found installing 2 products is the same, but I need to make some comments now.
When I inserted the CD in my CD ROM and the program was launched automatically. It initialized my installation environment. After that, I only followed its steps. The installation was finished! Nothing happened.

But Adobe forgot one fact: what if users don’t want to install?
After CD initializes the installation environment, you can’t find the “cancel” key to cancel the installation. Only you can do is to use task manager to stop the installation. Next time if you insert the CD again, you will be told that please insert CD in your CD-ROM, but your CD is already there.

How do you solve the problem?

If you go to control panel, click “add or remove Programs’ and uninstall Adobe Indesign / Illustrator, you will get the error. You still can’t install it later.

Only you can do is to insert the CD again, and then you can try to remove the components in the later installation screen and uninstall it. After that, you can try to reinstall it! The problem will be solved!

Do you think Adobe provides a good user experience? I don’t believe so!


WA雙寶媽 said...

I recently had the same problem of installing Indesign, too. It seems that Adobe has not taken users' convenience into their consideration.

Ray said...

Really? I should say: If Adobe doesn't keep eyes open for user expereince, that is really the bad epxereince.

Malkovich said...
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Malkovich said...

Is it because their primary environment is Mac OS?
just a guess.............

Ray said...

I don't know if Adobe uses Mac as their main OS. At least my friends and I use Windows to install and uninstall Adobe Indesign,and we have the bad user-expereince.