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July 5, 2007

Use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 as my test machine

I am the contractor who works as the Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET) at Microsoft. I got the chance to run the test cases of SQL Server 2008 (code name: Katmai)

Jeff Papiez, a nice senior test developer at Microsoft, kindly taught me how to use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 as the test machine. I find it is so powerful. Most importantly, it is free to everyone. As an IT person, I should say it is so convenient for IT people to run different operating systems in Virtual PC.

When I worked as a .NET developer, I needed to maintain VB6 Programs of accounting using windows server 2000 as my operating system. But my users still used Windows 98 to run these programs. When I finished modifying the source codes and put the new dll file in MTS, the programs on user’s PC were not working. Therefore, I needed to use my colleague’s PC with Windows 98 to do this process again. Finally, everything went smoothly.

If you have the similar situations as mine, don’t forget to try Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 as your test machine.

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