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July 8, 2007

Use CCleaner and Uninstall Tool in your PC every day

Last May, I came across a woman in Starbucks, Fremont, CA and I knew that she lives around there. One day, she asked me: I always see you here. Are you a computer person? I said: Yes. During the discussion, I understood that her mouse in her PC didn’t work well. I told her maybe you haven’t cleaned your temporary files and Internet cookies for a long time. She didn’t get me at that time. I told her to download CCleaner ( for free and gave it a try. It would show you what file size was after you deleted.

Ten minutes later, she came back and said: Ray, thank you. My mouse is working now. The file size I delete is more than 700 MB. What happened to my PC? I told her: when you surf the website, download some software, install them, or open Microsoft Office every day, your temporary files and Internet cookies become larger and larger every day. You should schedule the time to delete them.

I also told her if you wanted to uninstall your program, you could try to use this free software, Uninstall Tool, to give it a try. It was also free and quick. (

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