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July 7, 2007

Finding a bug about the program of balance transfer in Citibank

Last year Citibank offered customers 0% APR on balance transfer with no transaction fee for one year. I was very glad to apply for it last April, enjoyed one-year benefit, and needed to pay off the balance transfer this April without any financial charges.

However, in this early Feb, its website still offered me the same deal for one year. I had one thing in my mind: If I paid off last year’s balance transfer first and started a new balance transfer later, what would it happen next? Therefore, I wanted to give it a try.

I paid off last year’s balance transfer this Feb and started a new balance transfer in the late Feb. I really received the confirmation letter of one-year balance transfer from Citibank. Before April 30, nothing happened. In May, Citibank charged me financial charge. I found this was really a big bug for this program. If customers are not happy, Citibank may cause some troubles.

I called one of customer service representatives and explained it was the time gap between old balance transfer and new balance transfer. I mentioned that your program only calculated the due date. Finally they recognized it was the problem and removed the financial charges for me.

Citibank can ask me to work as a test developer for them.

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