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July 8, 2007

How can you send a file with more than 200 MB to your friends?

If you currently have the important files that need to send to your friends, how can you do that? Maybe you will say: Just send email. What if the file size is more than 200 MB? How can you send to your friends immediately?

Many IT persons will say: Why not set up a FTP server which can let them download? I will say : it is so slow.

Now I would like to recommend you some free websites which can let you upload files quickly and let your friends download them easily. Those are totally free as follows:

I like to use sendspace because I don’t have to register. Only I can do is to upload the file from my PC and enter my friend’s email address. After you click " Upload File", one file will generate one URL and send to your friend's email. If you have 5 files, you need to submit it 5 times. Your friend will have 5 URLs in his email. You can give it a try!



WA雙寶媽 said...

Hey, these sites are great. I'm going to show them to my friends. Thanks, man.

Ray said...

Yes. These sites are great!You can give them a try!